what a punk slut


"With each hit she gets stronger and she uses that energy to fight back— that’s what makes her special."

Yang cosplay made and worn by me :3

Burnie looking into the camera / podcast #249


"It’s been absolutely a joy to have a job where you show up and it’s almost guaranteed that—at some point during that day—you’re going to laugh your ass off."

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♡ #rt


Ray in Ray’s Heist (the briefing)


say hello to the my newest ship uwu


Trouble is my name you know


"Apparently striving to be average and, just, you know, not trying to achieve anything in life, you’ll get your dream job. It’ll just fall into your lap and you don’t have to really try to be successful at all. And I still don’t try at work."

happy (really, really belated) birthday, sarah!

Yang’s alternative costume appreciation.